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  • The Best Day aka The Day I met Taylor 4/20/13

    Once upon a time a few concerts ago I met Andrea Swift….
    We chatted about how many shows I had attended and she said I looked familiar. I had talked to Andrea briefly at the Philly SN show. She asked if I had met Taylor before, I told her I hadn’t. Some how talk of the bears I had made The Agency and Taylor came up in this conversation.
    Andrea couldn’t believe I hadn’t met Taylor and mentioned that there wasn’t a Club Red that night in Orlando. Sad Day, but a hug from Mama Swift was awesome!

    Fast Forward a week…
    I didn’t get to hang out before the show to catch up with The Agency because I had RED Ultimate Experience Party to attend :D That in itself was so fun! Taylor music playing the entire time. There was a photo booth with tons of props. Each venue has a different setup based on the area available for the party. The VIP lady in charge said Tampa had the best setup so far! 3 rooms dedicated to the VIP party! The candy table! OMS! Sooo cool! Then there were like 13 different appetizers/salads and such. Free Soda and juices :D They hold a raffle for 4 different Taylor related merchandise items too!

    I went to my seat while Brett was on stage. Ed came on and I was good to go :)Andrea and her crew came in during ‘I Don’t Care” She looked my direction and waved! :D Later when Taylor was on stage finishing State of Grace and starting Holy Ground I looked to my left and saw one of the ladies that was walking with Andrea earlier looking down the row at me. I walked over to her, and she asked if I was Shanon? Did I meet Andrea in Orlando? Then she handed me a Club RED invite and told me stuff but I don’t recall exactly what LOL

    Then came the freak outs! How do people concentrate on the concert once they get Club RED? Cause I sure as heck couldn’t! Any ways, I did my best to focus on the concert, but once my timeline was flooded with congratulations tweets and love it was all over! I was an emotional wreck in the best way!

    Let’s fast forward to my Club Red Experience…
    I was walking around taking pictures as I see Ed put his stuff down and is entering the “tent”. I headed back to my area to wait my turn.
    Which was good since Scott Swift was standing next to my stuff HAHA! Earlier in the day I had given a gift for him to the VIP lady and bumped into him on the floor while he was heading to the Sound Booth. He thanked me again for the bear and I told him about how my friend and I came up with his outfit and stuff. He mentioned he tried to find me on the floor at some point, but I wasn’t at my seat. LOL I didn’t ask for a pic with Scott, wish I had!
    Ed came over and we got a picture together and he asked “Do you have something for me to scribble on?” No, cause I wasn’t prepared for this moment is what I was thinking, but I responded “Ooo, my ticket!” I told him how much I enjoyed his set and how amazed I was with what he can do with a guitar. Or something like that haha.

    Then the Blonde who plays a RED guitar came in! Oh My I was a nervous idiot as she was working the room! Thankfully the background singer Kamilah came in. I had met her in Omaha :D She saw Wane and we talked about his outfit and shoes LOL. She asked if I was giving him to Taylor. “I don’t know just yet, I am kinda attached to the little guy.” K: “I totally understand he’s been to how many shows with you now?” “6 :D” We took some pics together and I asked her if David’s daughter Caia was in her bag HAHA!
    Taylor was approaching fast! I hadn’t thought of anything to say! She’s hugging the girls next to me and then gives me a hug too! Saying something as she’s doing it put I can’t recall exactly what. Robin informs Taylor I wasn’t in that group LOL
    She chats with that group and I chatted with Robin about my friends I attended the show with and how they were super excited that I was meeting Taylor! She apologized for not being able to get them into Club Red. I let her know it was okay with them because they had already met Taylor and were super stoked I was finally meeting her too!
    Then it was my turn for Taylor to chat with me!
    Oh girl wouldn’t let me talk for the first bit of our conversation! LOL
    Taylor “Hey, so nice to finally meet you! You’ve been to how many shows? Like 15 or so? That’s amazing, thanks for doing that!” “that’s a lot of traveling and dedication!” Another hug!
    “You are so sweet to do everything you’ve done for us and don’t as for anything in return. That’s pretty rare!” Pretty sure I snuck a word or two in about how awesome the show was each and every night.

    Then the blonde who plays a RED guitar spotted my stuff as she called it! She was amazed that all the Speak Now Tour peeps had signed my CD booklet and signed her name it with an arrow to her face! LOL
    On my RED deluxe that The Agency has signed Grant signed smack dab in the middle of it “Sorry Grant beat you to the prime spot” “giggles, oh Grant”
    She asked “How do you spell your name” Me “It’s Shanon, but it’s hard to spell” “S-H-A-N-O-N” “well that’s not hard at all, you kind of over sold that! I was expecting silent letters or something.” LOL LOVE HER!

    Then came the moment I knew I was going to need a new concert buddy! Taylor met Wane Gbt! I introduced Taylor to Wane and also asked
    “Do you remember getting this bear in Orlando from Grant” showed her a pic of it on my phone. Tay “why yes I do, she’s precious!” We were talking and she now is holding/hugging Wane playing with his tail. I said something about thinking about giving her Wane. She was like “are you sure? I really do love squirrels, I don’t know why but I do!”
    How was I going to take him back after Taylor FREAKING Swift is cuddling with him playing with his tie and tail and really! I just couldn’t not give him to her! I mean seriously!

    Robin was standing there trying to take our picture during the Wane conversation. LOL As we are posing “Are we just smiling or something else Taylor?” “Oh this is my SUPER excited face!” haha! Love her!
    Taylor gives me another hug and said thanks for coming. Then Robin was asking about Wane’s name and stuff. I said it’s actually Wane Gbt, then Taylor spins around “Wane Gbt?” Me “do you get his initials?” Tay thinks then “We Are Never Ever…Oh my aren’t you clever!”
    I didn’t say I was Enchanted to Meet you Taylor but I truly was!

    Next up was hugs from Mama Swift as Taylor finished working the room.
    The sweetest mom ever said “Get over here sweetie and give me a hug!” Mama Swift is the BEST! She stopped her conversation with these other girls to give me a hug LOL
    She said something about how many shows I’d been too and some other stuff. I asked if she’d seen Scott’s bear and told her I had one for her too. “What, no you made us bears too! That’s too kind of you”
    She chatted with those girls then came to me. Lots of hugs and thank yous happened then I asked if we could do the photo booth LOL and those pics are funny, and the laughs we were having while in there OMG!

    More hugs and then it was time for Taylor to leave and for me to head home. Club Red over

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